Cuddy is sexier than ever, but why the new look? What’s behind the redesign?

by | Jul 25, 2021 | Blog, CUDDY

Looks pretty sexy no?

Let’s go into more detail on what Dale has been reviewing and improving upon.


1) Cuddy Got Curvy


Yes, cuddy got curvy! The original Cuddy design had straight sides all the way round to maximise capacity. But this compromises on strength, weight and his damn fine looks. Why?

  • Strength: Curved surfaces are stronger – Old stonemasons knew this and old buildings would have domed roofs and arched doorways. Plastic is the same and a slight arc in cuddy’s side makes it much much stronger. We also want a toilet for everyone and people come in all shapes and sizes. Making Cuddy stronger means more people can go greener and explore more.

  • Weight: Because the sides are stronger they can be thinner and therefore lighter for the same strength! Keeping the weight down makes Cuddy more portable and saves you gas money to boot.

  • Style: We loved Cuddy’s sexy straight sides but plastic doesn’t always play nice with straight sides. Why? As molded plastic cools, it shrinks slightly. Making the sides slightly curved prevents the plastic warping and ensures it stays where it’s supposed to be.


Does this make him bigger? Nope – we know space is precious so cuddy is exactly the same size as before!

2) Svelte yet stronger!


Svelte – slender and elegant – not the usual description of a toilet! What do you mean?

Well, we’ve added a very slight taper to the sides of Cuddy to help with the manufacturing process.

Call in the Reinforcements! We took the liberty of adding reinforcement on the inside to ensure the new design was as strong as possible. Dale designed this cleverly (like really cleverly) so that it works with the taper and hinges to ensure the seat and the lower body engage better than Captain Picard.


3) No bog snorkeling: aka – where’d the vents go?


Rest assured – if you choose to vent your cuddy externally you still can. But we figured you wouldn’t like to see a plastic hose in your beautiful space, like Cuddy is about to go snorkelling! Instead we’ve moved the vent and now you can vent left, right back or straight down – or not at all!

4) Even Speedier emptying?


In our prototype we noticed that adding a strong spring to the hinges would help to support the upper body while you empty Cuddy. If you’re on a boat, then having the top secured in place is particularly helpful for speedy emptying while everything is moving around!


5) Pass through filter


We’ve also tested a new setup for the filter that makes it more effective for odour removal!


6) Catchy


One thing we and a few of you also noticed in our prototype was that if it takes 2 hands to invert the bin – how do you keep the handle out the way? Yea – that could get messy. So we added a small feature to help keep the handle out the way and mess-free while you’re emptying.


7) Cap-store


Where do you keep the cap to a bottle of pee when you need the bottle of pee to be open? On the cap-store!


8) No Chug Chug emptying


To help avoid splashback when you’re emptying the pee-container (the bottle, not your bladder) we added a no chug valve!



There’s a top secret enhancement we’ve been developing. It’s so cool we can’t tell you until we’ve patented it. Yes. It’s that good.


Watch this space…

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