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A Composting Toilet Review: Cuddy’s Convenience in Queensland, Australia

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G’day Compo Crew! Today we venture down under where we witness Cuddy the composting toilet at Karawinia National Park in Queensland, Australia. Meet Michael Hann, the proud CompoCloset distributor in Australia, as he shares his experiences with you all as a customer who loves – and even sleeps next to! – Cuddy.

Watch as Michael runs through his own usage of his compost toilet system and answers a few common questions.

Tell us more.

To give you some context, Michael travels and camps in a Vista RV Crossover, which has been his trusty companion for about a year now. It’s been everything he needed it to be, and today, he wants to focus on how Cuddy fits into this adventure. Inside his RV, you’ll find Cuddy, his go-to composting toilet system, that Michael sleeps right next to!

Yes, you heard that right! Many people wonder about odors from compost toilets and other portable toilets, but as CompoCloset always said – and what Michael attests to as well – Cuddy is the least smelly thing in the van overnight! Michael is able to keep his composting toilet inside for three or four days without running the fan, thanks to Cuddy’s external venting.

Blow it outback

External venting is a game-changer for your composting toilet, especially when you’re out on the road. It involves pushing air out of Cuddy through the exhaust pipe, and Michael explains why this matters.

When this outdoor adventurer sets up camp, Michael takes Cuddy out and places him in the ensuite area. It’s a breeze to do this, and Michael uses a Cuddy travel bag* for added convenience. These bags are made of high-quality PVC, and they’re a lifesaver for transporting your composting toilet – even though Cuddy does have handy handles to make lifting, carrying, and moving super simple and easy. 

Take it Outside

Once Cuddy is outside, Michael connects the 12-volt power source to ensure proper ventilation. His setup includes a carefully designed exhaust pipe system with PVC elbows and a bug-stopping mechanism. This setup allows the fan to push air out and reduces moisture inside Cuddy, aiding in the breakdown of solids.

However, Michael is thrilled that Australia will have a fantastic new solution in a few weeks: a plug that seals the exhaust pipe with a door-stop-like cap, complete with bug-preventing mesh! It’s a much-improved solution for external venting.



Thank you, Michael, for your wonderful review and how you use your composting toilet in the wild!

Many people use Cuddy in various ways, and it’s an incredibly versatile compost toilet system perfect for camping, boondocking, and enjoying the great outdoors without worrying about the dreaded bathroom situation. 


Happy travels, Compo Crew!

Get your own CUDDY

*Bags available on the compocloset.com.au website

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