Cuddy Sightings

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Blog

Happy Sunday Compo Crew!

First off, Happy Chinese New Year. February 1st marked the beginning of the New Year, the Year of the Tiger – this also makes us think of Rocky.

If you’re following along on social media, you’ve already seen that we managed to get samples from our molds sent to our California manufacturer, UPM. Yeah!


Well, here you go!

These are actual samples from our injection molds! They’re not perfect; the molds still need to be calibrated and polished, but they are pretty close to the real thing.

Once we’ve confirmed the molds are good and everything fits, they’ll be shipped to California to make everyone’s Cuddy.

Super exciting!


We thought we had almost everything in California to do this… as it turns out, we don’t.

Unbelievably, our hinge sage continues.

Alright, Como Crew, that’s it for today!

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

Thank you for your support and patients. We appreciate you!

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