Details Details Details! Hmm that’s not going to work

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Blog, CUDDY

They say that the devil is in the details.. Well he’s been quite a pain the past week as Kalp (our designer) and I tag-teamed the finer points of Cuddy’s design.


I have to say it was awesome fun. Kalp and I were iterating quickly and problem solving together the whole way. While he was creating one feature I’d be scouring the internet for the perfect component or redesigning a mechanism from the last problem we found point for him to model next.


Did anyone spot the change from the first renderings we shared on the product page?


Originally, we wanted to handle vertically (to maximise liquids volume inside)… but during the design process we hit a snag – we need the crank shaft as high as possible. However, the handle also needs to be as long as possible for ease of turning. More liquids and a tiny handle or slightly less liquid and much more efficient agitation and easier turning – we chose the latter.

But then we had to redesign the handle – there wasn’t space for a symmetric indent to access it like before so we had to make it asymmetric. Enter Kalp – in a stroke of genius he made the access groove look like a big smiley face !


Rather lucky than good.


During the ongoing finalisation of the design we may need to make these minor changes like this – but rest assured, we are not compromising on the dimensions, aesthetics or features we outlined. Sometimes it’s hard to find a solution but that’s just part of the challenge for Kalp and myself – and with that hurdle out of the way I don’t expect any other changes to the designs.


Working for you, folks!