Headed to a Land Down Under

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Blog

Hey Compo Crew,

Things are progressing well with the campaign.

As we mentioned last time we reached our first stretch goal and are well on our way to #2.

Dale, our manufacturing consultant should have the final design ready with those changes. We should have some new pics of Cuddy soon. I bet you are all curious about his new “Love Handles” ?

And no, they don’t change the dimensions of Cuddy he’s still just as small.

And yes, we are still on target to start shipping in October!


Also in big news, we have officially partnered with Water Wally’s Anthony Smith as our Australian distributor.

Smitho (aka Anthony Smith) is an Environmental Engineer who is passionate about environmental conservation and in particular the importance of sustainable water and wastewater management. He has spent his younger years traveling Australia living and working on off-grid, self-sufficient properties, etc. After a couple of years working in the Outdoor Education industry, he then turned his focus to the business Water Wally which specializes in composting toilets and greywater recycling.

As the owner and director of Water Wally for more than 10 years, Smitho has worked with thousands of people from homeowners building low-impact sustainable housing through to large business and commercial operations looking for cost-effective, sustainable wastewater management solutions.

He has become a recognized authority in the industry within Australia and regularly presents at educational workshops from local permaculture education venues through to international conferences and more. It’d be fair to say that he is the most well-known and well-recognized authority on composting toilets in Australia.

We’re super stoked to be working with him to bring Cuddy to the Australian market!

Check out the Water Wally YouTube channel for Smitho’s comedy gold and the awesome projects they’ve worked on in the past!

That’s it for now team. If you have any questions let us know! We love hearing from you.