How big is Cuddy?

by | Dec 31, 2021 | HOW-TO, RESOURCES

Cuddy composting toilet is:

Height – 16.3in (414mm)

Width – 15.1in (384mm)

Depth (Length) – 16.8in (427mm)

If you box Cuddy in:


we would advise leaving some access to the upper seat section to allow you to open the top to empty it.


The top section is ~14.1″ off the ground and the top of it (before the seat rises higher) is 15.2 inches. If you can keep the front edge below here it will prevent getting splinters in the back of your leg when you’re sitting down.

Space for the Agitator

Also, remember access to the agitator handle. This is probably best done once he arrives but below are indicative measurements:

Top of handle: ~6.1″

Bottom of ‘Smile’: ~3.6″ from base

Width of Smile: ~9″

If you want to secure him fully – you can pop some screws through the eyelets in the base: