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by | May 1, 2021 | Blog

Hey Compo Crew!

Happy First of May!

For Americans, it’s just another day but for many countries the celebration of Labor Day or International Workers Day.

It’s been another crazy week for us at CompoCloset. Rich has been working on finalizing the prototype. The remaining bits and bobs should be delivered by Tuesday, cause Monday’s a bank holiday in the UK.

Once we have all the pieces we can get our super campaign video shot, our photos done, and everything else we need to launch.

I really want to give you a GO date, but I can’t just yet.

Sorry, you’ll just have to keep reading my newsletters.


I will tell you one bit of news.

We will be doing a Pre-Launch before we officially go live. This pre-launch is super important and will be your last chance to get Cuddy at the 25% discount unless of course, you’ve already secured your discount here.

Read on to learn how you can support us and an Earth-loving veterans charity and to help us pick our new sticker from Tanja B.


Doubly Good

Here at CompoCloset we believe in doing what we can to help people in need. We also what to enable our supporters to do the same. For some of you, who love us and Cuddy, but just don’t need a composting toilet (Mom, Dad thinking of you), we’ve come up with a way to help us by helping someone in need. Who are these people in need? Well one such group is Veterans Off-Grid Veterans Off-Grid is a 501c3 non-profit organization restoring a sense of purpose, community, sustainability, and peace to veterans in need. The founder, Ryan, reached out to us to see if we could work together. As he said it could be a win-win-win partnership. So what can we do? As part of our campaign, you can donate a toilet to Veterans Off-Grid. They are building the first of 50 communities and are using composting toilets in the units. This way you’re not only supporting our campaign but supporting a great charity. “Helping our Heros. Protecting our Planet.” Check them out FB & Insta


Things we love

Stickers! We’ve already mentioned the artist Tanja B to you all before. She’s an absolutely amazing artist, whose work captures the essence of #vanlife. We are thrilled and grateful that she had the time to draw this design for us. Here are the color mock-ups. Which one do you guys like the best? Let us know, cause we are going to be sending all Cuddy Pre-Launch supporters a special sticker Thank You.


That’s all for now. For those of you gearing up for a bank holiday weekend, we wish you safe adventures! Go and explore!

For our American peeps (that includes me) we have to wait till September for Labor day. But hey May 31st is Memorial Day so hang on! If you want to know more about May Day check out this article. You’d probably be surprised like me that it all started in the USA.

Have a great weekend!

Next week I’ve got more surprises for you! And fingers crossed a GO date for IndieGoGo. 😍