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#sustainability #sustainablevanlife

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Eco Friendly

“Hey Erica, a post about sustainable vanlife would be cool.” – Compo King Rich.

“Yes!” – Compo Marketing Minion Erica

Sounds great, cause at CompoCloset we – Save Time. Save Water. Save the Plant!

And sustainability is all about saving the planet, right?

But what is a sustainable lifestyle? And is life in a van sustainable?

So I started to really look into sustainability and not just the glossy marketing slogan used by beautiful people to sell me more things. Which let’s just consider this


And it seemed I was amassing more questions then I was answers.

Sustainability seems to be one of the buzz words at the moment. Everyone is talking about sustainability, you need to be more sustainable, how to make things more sustainable.

Can I sustain the continued use of sustainability in this blog post with out annoying the reader?

But what is it and is it something we can achieve?

The dictionary defines sustainability as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level… forever. So now my question is: What is it exactly that we are trying to maintain? And how are we going about maintaining it?


Wikipedia tells us that in the 21st-century sustainability is usually used to refer to the capacity of people and the natural world to coexist. And though we are in some way coexisting with the natural world, it is fairly obvious that we do not coexist very well. Anyone needing a reminder of this can watch the David Attenborough film A Life on Our Planet.


Ok before we get frustrated with people lets get back to the goal at hand.

Living more sustainable (It is possible to cause Attenborough told us so) and more pertinent to many of us: How to live sustainably in a van?!

So, stay tuned Vanlifers, we are going to share with you tips on how to #sustainablevanlife your life in a van. Some we thought of, some we read, some we are going to share from some pretty cool people our there who are trying to do their small part


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