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Tis the Season

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Blog

Hi Compo Crew, Happy middle of the week – isn’t it Friday yet – Wednesday. I hope all of you are doing well. We’ve had an adventure packed few days, and it’s time to think about nice things. This newsletter is dedicated to other products. So sit back, grab your bevi of choice, and let’s jump right in. 🎁🎁🎁 Gifts Gifts and more Gifts. Whether you put a tree up or not, for many people, this time of year means 🎁🎁 The best gift to give is a Cuddy (shameless plug), but we’ve got a few other smart gift ideas for your #tinyspace #vanlifer. KULA CLOTH

If you don’t know KULA CLOTH, you are missing out. They are possibly my favorite brand of all time. And no, it is not just the owner’s cats or her dancing skills – if I had to guess, it’s their stubborn obsession with a victorian cat meme that made me love them the most. All memes aside, they have created a new piece of outdoor gear that is a total game-changer for all people who squat to pee. It is the first antimicrobial pee cloth. Practical and really cool. Why bring toilet paper with you on a hike? For Cuddy owners – we encourage you not to put TP in the solids bin. Using a Kula can help you eliminate your TP waste – winner winner veggie dinner.


Tefal Ingenio saucepans


If you know someone in a tiny space like a van, boat, or just with limited kitchen space (hello, NY & SF!) Then the Tefal Ingenio is an awesome Christmas present they’ll actually use. This is NOT a camping saucepan set. I saw these at a friend’s house as their main pans – and now I’m forever swapping them between my van and my house! Gas, Induction, and Oven safe. Flat-stack lids. Tupperware-style seals for leftovers the next day.


America The Beautiful – Federal Parks Pass


Not just for our American Crew members but for anyone planning on traveling in the USA this next year. The Federal Parks Pass gives you and three other people in your vehicle access to over 400 parks and recreational lands in the USA

🤯🤯 mind blown twice. There is also a digital gift card that your loved one can cash in when they need it. But the idea of sharing nature is not limited to the USA. There are other countries and other passes to give this year or maybe the parks are free in your country! Then I suggest a personal gift card for a hike with your favorite hiker, i.e. you and your bestie. Finally, what I got when I asked Richard for help with my Gift Guide… A gif Guide?



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