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What is a Composting Toilet?

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Composting Toilets

In a nutshell A composting toilet is a toilet which uses the process of composting to help break down human waste into a nutrient rich substance called ‘humus’. ​

To ensure the composting happens quickly, the toilets try to provide the ideal conditions for the microorganisms – (microbes, bacteria & funghi) that do the hard work; specifically – food, oxygen, moisture (but not too much) and the right acidity. ​

Everything needs food and microorganisms eat carbon-rich organic (natural) foods. Because of this, we initially add a small amount of natural carbon-rich material such as coco coir to the toilet. This also facilitates regulating the moisture content which we’ll come to shortly. ​

Excess liquid from urine can surround the material and prevent the microorganisms having enough oxygen. To solve this problem, compocloset toilets separate pee at source making them urine-diversion composting toilets. Poop also has a slightly high moisture content for effective composting so our toilets include a fan to circulate air and a carbon filter to remove any odours. ​

Human pee has high levels of ammonia which has a low pH level which slows down the work of the microorganisms. By separating the pee, the microbes have a happy environment to do their important work in. ​

To Summarise… A composting toilet is a toilet where we help nature to help us by providing the optimal conditions for microorganisms to compost our waste!


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