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Cuddys Agitator Front and Center for Convenience

If you’re new here, you are probably wondering why our composting toilet has a handle in the front. Well, that’s Cuddy’s agitator, and that’s the key to kickstarting the composting process. The agitator extends and rotates to stir the contents inside the solids bin,...

Cuddy’s Handy Handles: A Compost Toilet’s Best Feature

Whether you need to transport him from place to place or retrieve him from a snug space, Cuddy's handles have got you covered. Let's explore how they work with Richard in today's video.Howdy, Compo Crew! In this video, we're diving into a nifty feature that makes your...

How Cuddy’s internal fan works – Off-grid composting toilet

In this video, we go over the internal fan, where it is located, how it works, and what its power requirements are.

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