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Cuddy’s Handy Handles: A Compost Toilet’s Best Feature

by | Aug 30, 2023 | How It Works | 0 comments

Howdy, Compo Crew!

In this video, we’re diving into a nifty feature that makes your trusty compost toilet Cuddy even more convenient: his handles. Whether you need to transport him from place to place or retrieve him from a snug space, Cuddy’s got you covered. Join us as we explore how Cuddy’s handles make life a whole lot easier for your composting toilet campervan system.

Cuddy’s got your back.

Quite literally – with handles on the back and on both sides. These handles are the unsung heroes of the compost toilet world, since the bathroom situation should be as easy as possible when camping, boondocking, or just enjoying mother nature!

Whether you’re at a campsite, an outdoor event, or just need to move your composting toilet within your campervan, these handles are your best friend. They provide a comfortable grip, allowing you to lift Cuddy the composting toilet with ease and effortlessly carry him wherever you need to go.

No more awkward, fumbling attempts to relocate your camping toilet – Cuddy’s handles ensure that you can do it as easy as possible, no matter your Vanlife setup.


Attention up Front

A handy finger pull on the front lets you slide your composting toilet out from under tight spaces like a bench seat. The kind of detail makes you wonder how you ever managed without it, especially when dealing with a dry toilet in your van.

Need to use your composting toilet in a confined area? No problem! Thanks to the finger pull, you can now retrieve Cuddy hassle-free.


Back to back

The spacious back is a cleverly designed area that serves a dual purpose. First, since Cuddy is a composting toilet with urine diverter, solid waste is separated from liquids. So the backside offers easy access to the waste container for maintenance, making your cleanup duties a breeze. But more importantly, this ample handle space allows you to slip your hand in and easily lift Cuddy up when needed. It’s the perfect solution for carrying your composting toilet over an obstacle or up a flight of stairs. Cuddy’s big back space means you can get a secure grip, ensuring both your comfort and its safety during transport.


So What?

why are these handles such a big deal for a compost toilet system? Well, think about it: What would a compost toilet be without handy handles?

A huge inconvenience!

Handles are the unsung heroes that turn a cumbersome task into a walk in the (national) park for your composting toilet. Cuddy’s handles aren’t just functional; they’re a testament to thoughtful design and user convenience, especially when you’re dealing with a portable camping toilet in your campervan!

Learn more about CUDDY


Cheers, Compo Crew!


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