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How to set up Cuddy the Composting Toilet

by | Jul 25, 2023 | How-To

Allow me to introduce Cuddy, the Composting Toilet! Cuddy is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for your bathroom needs while on the road, boondocking, camping, off-grid set-ups, and sustainable living. In this post, we will guide you through Cuddy’s unboxing process and how to prepare your composting toilet for first-time use.


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When you receive your Cuddy, the first thing to do is to take it out of the box and remove any packaging that is securing the parts. There may be additional tape inside the box, so make sure to remove it all.


Next, you’ll find a bag of accessories inside Cuddy, including a carbon filter and a liquids bottle with a screw cap, valve, and spring contacts which will tell you when the bottle is full. Then, rotate the agitator so that the legs point down and remove the solids bin. The solid bin has a locking mechanism so that it can be secured in place during transit.


After that, you need to put a 9-volt battery inside the battery box. Just remove the two screws in the top and insert the battery. Make sure to check that everything is working correctly by testing the light. Pinch the spring contacts together, and the light should turn on on the top of the seat.


Now it’s time to install the carbon filter. Remove the packaging from the carbon filter, place it on top of the fan at the back, and replace the solids bin after filling it with cocoa coil. Make sure to put the cut-out for the carbon filter at the back of the toilet.


Lastly, replace Cuddy’s Euro model for the handle. You can put it on top of the urine bottle or push it inside so that it’s out of the way every time you remove the bottle.


Congratulations! Your Cuddy is now ready for use. It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for your bathroom needs that requires no water or chemicals. With Cuddy, you’re doing your part for the environment while still enjoying the comfort of a regular toilet.


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