Sunday fun day: Update on manufacturing

by | Sep 25, 2021 | Blog

Happy Sunday, Compo Crew!

We hope you are all doing well. Here’s a short update for you all.


We printed a new prototype.


As we saw last time, this critical step in the manufacturing process can reveal potential issues. So no matter how certain you are about your design – Check it! We’ve said from the beginning measure twice, cut once.


The prototype looks good, and we are now eagerly awaiting the final quotes on the molds. Once we have those, we can press go. Honestly, the amount of time it has taken to review the design hasn’t taken long… it just seems like forever, like watching paint dry.


This brings me to the big update:

As you know, due to revising the design & manufacturing of the injection molds, production has also been delayed. But, to make sure you get all your Cuddys quicker, we have been looking into other solutions.


Tell me more!

Well, our molds will be manufactured in China and then shipped over to North America for production. Shipping the molds takes time, so instead of waiting for the molds to make their long way across the ocean, we are looking into manufacturing our first batch of Cuddys in China and shipping them to you directly from there.



Yes, for those of you who want to get your Cuddy earlier, we are exploring how to get y’all a Chinese-manufactured Cuddy. He’d be just as cute, only made a little earlier than his future brothers and sisters made in North America.



Not so fast.

There’s a small catch. Unfortunately, China is a bit further from you, so this option will likely cost more $ for shipping. We’re looking into it, however, shipping quotes are currently elevated due to the upcoming holiday season. If you don’t or can’t afford to pay more for shipping, we understand. We’ll be shipping you a Cuddy as soon as they are available in North America.


So what do I do?

For now, you can just relax and feel super-special: we’ve stopped accepting orders for the first batch of Cuddys. From now on, new backers will have to wait for the molds to float their way over to the US and for the first batch of orders to be fulfilled.


We will update you with more details once we’ve confirmed the additional costs for each country’s shipping. We’ll be checking with you individually whether you would prefer to have your cuddy shipped from China or wait for North American production to begin.


We hope you all understand that we are trying to get you your Cuddy asap and are looking into all the possibilities.

Thank you for your continued support.



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