Update, videos and pictures of Cuddy.

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog

Hey Compo Crew,

Time flies when you’re putting together prototypes and tearing them apart!

While Dale was working out the new design, Rich put together our prototype and then did some robustness testing.

We want to make sure Cuddy is strong enough to take all the sh*t you give him. We’ve posted most of the videos to our YouTube channel so check it out. For a quick highlight check out this video of Richard testing the liquids bottle:

The good news is that the potential issue with the shape is resolved – again this is why prototypes are made – and the new design is being printed. We’re confident this new, simpler, shape will work so we’re undergoing part of the design-for-manufacture stage in parallel.

Here’s a comparison between the old design and the new, stronger one highlighting the parts that have changed. To strengthen the sides, you can see that we have effectively had to remove Cuddy’s nose. His nose operated the valve to contain the liquids so in the new design we’ve had to come up with a clever way to keep spills and smells locked away automatically. The solution is so clever it needs to be patented (but that won’t slow us down).

We’re really excited, so watch this space!

Stay tuned for the new prototype and some of the hit-it harder robustness testing videos. As always we are so grateful for you all. Being on this journey together is an amazing ride. Thank you!