Updated Delivery Timeline

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Blog

Hi CompoCrew,

Richard here – I’ve been working flat out the past weeks trying to kick off making the molds. As we mentioned before we’re waiting on one final review before we commit everyone’s hard-earned cash ??


This review makes sure that the mold itself will work as expected and make Cuddy the awesome finished product everyone expects.


I’d been hoping to be in the US at this time to accelerate the review process, but with the US borders still closed I’ve been working through email, phone, and video calls with only a half-day overlap. We’re now achingly close to pressing go, but we’re still not quite there.


Meanwhile, October has been creeping closer and closer.


The molds are a key element in our timeline and I’ve been waiting to update you with a possible new delivery schedule until after I ordered them. But this has taken longer than expected and I want to keep you informed.


Honestly, with all the will in the world, we’re going to struggle to hit our current shipping time.


Ordering the molds sooner would have meant an October date was possilbe, but because we still haven’t been able to pull the trigger, I’ve chosen to push back estimated delivery to December.


We’re all working to deliver you your Cuddy as soon as possible, but I believe that December is now a more realistic timeline.


I apologize if this is disappointing news. Rest assured I’m doing everything I can to ensure delivery as fast as possible.


In case your own plans may have changed by this time, we’ll be re-confirming everyone’s delivery address before shipping Cuddy to make sure he ends up at the right location.


Richard & Compocloset team.