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by | Jan 11, 2021 | Blog, CUDDY

So I was happily researching ways to save the planet by looking through my Instagram when Richard wrote to me to ask me a question:

Richard: When girls pee does it spray forwards down or everywhere?


Now this could be considered an awkward question but honestly, we’re making a toilet and if you’re not comfortable with what happens in a toilet you shouldn’t be in the potty business.

Truthfully I wasn’t quite sure, but luckily for us, I needed to use the loo so I went pee and did some first-hand research.


You might be wondering why this question came up, other than Richard just being creepily nosy. Well, he has been working hard, instead of his usual hardly working, on finalizing the design of CompoCloset’s first composting toilet!

The best part is, his design will make it easier not only for persons that need to sit to pee but for everyone to do their business and we mean all of their business.


For those of you new to composting toilets we have lots us great information here but the quick version is that urine and poop are kept separate so as to avoid making sewage (the smelly stuff). Urine is diverted into a urine bottle and your poop is dropped into the solids container where it is mixed with a compost promoting agent like coconut coir.

So remember your 1s and 2s need to stay away from each other.


Now back to your business.


Let’s go numerically and start with your Nr 1s. For those of us needing to sit to pee, we’ve made the whole toilet bowl the target thanks to a patented water-tight cover.


Standing peers – just take a break, sit down and treat yourself to another level of candy crush.


And the burning question what did we do to make going Nr 2 less stressful?

We’ve improved upon what I like to call the Drop Zone.


me: Is our potty’s Drop Zone bigger than other composting toilets?

Compo King: Massive Drop Zone – the biggest. Godzilla could sh*t in our toilet.



Importantly for parents, if 1s and 2s are frequently 12s or 21s, the patented design will allow you to adjust the drop zone to catch as much pee as possible. If too much ends up in the solids bin, relax, the additional fan will help dry everything out and keep that compost happy!


Cause honestly, most of you do your best thinking (candy crushing) on the toilet. While having to concentrate on aiming for a little hole is probably not going to stop someone from discovering the grand unified Theory Of Everything (aka level 500), but it won’t help them either.


Happy Crushing.

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