"Do you have a campervan toilet?" Jennie and James from Moonlit Campers review Cuddy

"Do you have a campervan toilet?" Jennie and James from Moonlit Campers review Cuddy

Do you have a campervan toilet? If you don’t, or if you're considering an upgrade to your current VanLife porta potty, allow us to introduce you to Cuddy the Composting Toilet! Of course, we think Cuddy is the best composting toilet… but don’t just take our word for it: listen to Jennie and James from Moonlit Campers!

In the video review below and the following guide, Moonlit Campers testifies that Cuddy, the composting toilet, is a game-changing solution. Recently installed in their campervan, Cuddy is making a real difference to their bathroom experience on the road. Here’s why.

    Cuddy is the best campervan toilet

    Jennie and James from Moonlit Campers swear by their Cuddy, and here are some compelling reasons why they think Cuddy is the best campervan toilet on the market:


    1. No air outlet = Effortless installation

    One of the standout features of Cuddy is its ingenious design with no air outlet. This makes installation a breeze, especially for those diving into the world of VanLife and campervan conversions for the first time. The absence of an air outlet simplifies the setup process, ensuring that even DIY enthusiasts can seamlessly integrate this composting toilet into their campervan conversion without hassle.


    2. Compact toilet size is a huge game changer

    Moonlit Campers emphasize how Cuddy's petite size and compact design easily fit into various spaces. Whether you have limited room in your campervan or you're just looking to optimize space, this modern potty ensures versatility without compromising functionality. It's a campervan toilet that adapts to your space and not the other way around!


    3. Affordable price is a pleasant surprise

    Affordability is a crucial factor when it comes to campervan essentials, and Cuddy hits the sweet spot. Moonlit Campers highlights that this composting toilet comes in at an affordable price point, making it accessible for a wide range of Van Lifers. Cuddy's cost-effectiveness ensures you can enhance your comfortable campervan experience without breaking the bank.


    4. Attention to detail is the VanLife way

    The beauty is in the details, and Cuddy does not disappoint. Every aspect of this campervan toilet has been meticulously thought out, ensuring a user-friendly experience in van conversions worldwide. From the activated carbon filter that efficiently eliminates odors to the overall aesthetic appeal, Cuddy stands out as a well-crafted solution for those who appreciate the attention to detail in their VanLife and campervan essentials.


    Cuddy is the campervan toilet king!

    If you're intrigued by Cuddy and want to learn more about how it can transform your campervan toilet experience, Jennie and James welcome your questions. Feel free to message Moonlit Campers on Instagram for personal insights and opinions about campervan toilets, van conversions, or VanLife in general!

    All in all, Cuddy the composting toilet is more than just a functional necessity – it's a thoughtful addition that enhances the overall quality of your VanLife lifestyle. Don't settle for a stinky porta potty or an ordinary campervan toilet; choose Cuddy and redefine your on-the-go bathroom experience for whenever you’ve got to go!

    Get ready to revolutionize your campervan experience with Cuddy the Composting Toilet.


    Richard Peter

    Richard is the Co-Founder and CEO of CompoCloset, and the mastermind behind the Cuddy Composting toilet.


    After a career algorithmic trading, he had plans to follow his long held passion for AI but the pandemic brought about an unexpected twist.


    After installing a composting toilet in his campervan he caught the sanitation bug (not the dysentry kind) and saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and help bring safe sanitation to the 2.6 Billion without it. 


    He's now on a mission to make the best off-grid toilet possible both for you and the planet! 


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