making them a popular choice among sailors and boaters:

Our composting toilets offer several advantages for boats,

  1. Eliminating Thru-Hulls
    Bid farewell to the need for an external water source to flush (though it remains usable when on land) and wave goodbye to the necessity for a thru-hull.
  2. Farewell to Pump-Outs
    No more hassle of locating, queuing, and paying for pump-outs. Say goodbye to these inconveniences for good.
  3. Reduced Weight
    Did you know? One gallon of water weighs about 8.3 pounds. With a 15-gallon holding tank, that's an additional 124 pounds, mostly due to water used for flushing.
  4. Creating More Space
    Holding tanks consume precious storage space. By removing them, you'll free up valuable room and bid adieu to the gallons of malodorous waste previously aboard.
Why we chose a composting toilet:

Toilet Talk Jeff Ready

Since we try to be minimalists and believe in sustainability, clean oceans, a clean environment, and minimal maintenance on the boat, a composting toilet was always a goal we had planned for the boat.

And we couldn’t be happier with the Cuddy.

Removing our old head (toilet), holding tank, macerator, and plumbing and replacing it with a composting toilet was the best thing we did on the boat.

It minimizes our maintenance needs which frees up our time, eliminates odors you always get from a traditional toilet system, and is just easier all the way around in functionality.

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