How to set up Cuddy, your new portable compost Toilet

How to set up Cuddy, your new portable compost Toilet

Congratulations on becoming the proud new owner of the best portable compost toilet, Cuddy. Now it’s time to set up Cuddy for your bathroom - wherever that is!

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through unboxing and preparing your small portable toilet for its first use. Below, you’ll find a helpful video and a written guide with easy steps to follow, ensuring a smooth setup for your Cuddy!


A step-by-step guide to set up Cuddy

Step 1

The first step is to unbox your Cuddy composting toilet. Begin by carefully removing it from the packaging, taking extra care to detach any tape securing its parts. Be thorough in inspecting for additional tape inside and around the toilet, as it might be present in various areas to secure different components during transit.


Step 2

Once your small portable toilet is free from packaging, locate the bag of accessories within the unit. You'll also find Cuddy’s carbon filter, which is crucial for maintaining a fresh and clean environment. Remove any packaging from the carbon filter to be ready for use.


Step 3

Now we prepare the agitator and solids bin! Rotate the agitator so that its legs point downward. Next, remove Cuddy’s solids bin, taking note of its locking mechanism designed to secure the bin during transit. This mechanism guarantees that your compost toilet arrives in perfect condition.


Step 4

Inside Cuddy, you'll discover a liquids bottle with a screw cap, a valve, and spring contacts. These spring contacts play a vital role in alerting you when the liquid compartment is full. Familiarize yourself with these components for a seamless set-up process.


Step 5

To power your portable compost toilet Cuddy’s LED (to tell you when the liquids are full), insert a 9-volt battery into the battery box. Remove the cover by unscrewing the two screws on top, insert the battery, and reassemble the box. Ensure that the soft rubbery side of the cover faces inward toward the battery. This step guarantees a reliable power source for Cuddy’s LED. Remember, you will still need a 12v supply for the fan - see point 7.


Step 6

Time to test the light! Before filling Cuddy with any liquid, perform a quick test to ensure everything is in working order. Pinch the spring contacts together; a light on the top of the unit will turn on. This simple check ensures your portable compost toilet is ready to tackle its duties!


Step 7

Next, it’s time to install your fan. We have a full guide for you here, with a video. It’s super easy, but we wanted to show you exactly what that process looks like.


Step 8

Now to wire Cuddy into your van, boat or tiny home. We have a full guide for you here, including cable options. You will need a 12v setup.


Step 9

The Cuddy set-up is almost complete! Take the carbon filter out of its packaging and remove any tape from each end. Place the carbon filter on top of the fan at the back of the compost toilet. This strategic placement ensures optimal air filtration, contributing to a healthier and more pleasant environment, even in the smallest spaces.


Step 10

Replace the solids bin once you've filled it with cocoa coir. Ensure the cutout for the carbon filter is positioned at the back of the toilet for efficient operation. And finally, reattach Cuddy’s liquids bottle and adjust the handle; you can either place it on top of the urine bottle or, for added convenience, push it inside the compost toilet.


Set up Cuddy: Complete

This calls for a celebration! You've successfully unboxed and set up Cuddy for its first use. With these easy and straightforward steps, you can now enjoy the benefits of a perfectly set up compost toilet Cuddy, ready to keep your bathroom situation clean, comfortable, and enjoyable!

Click here to learn more about our small portable toilet, Cuddy!

If you’d like to vent your Cuddy externally, check out this venting guide, and if you want to wire your Cuddy into your van, check out this wiring guide.


Richard Peter

Richard is the Co-Founder and CEO of CompoCloset, and the mastermind behind the Cuddy Composting toilet.


After a career algorithmic trading, he had plans to follow his long held passion for AI but the pandemic brought about an unexpected twist.


After installing a composting toilet in his campervan he caught the sanitation bug (not the dysentry kind) and saw an opportunity to change the world for the better and help bring safe sanitation to the 2.6 Billion without it. 


He's now on a mission to make the best off-grid toilet possible both for you and the planet! 


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