Can a Toilet Keep Solo Travelers Safe?

Solo female traveller. Can a toilet keep solo travellers safe.

What an odd question: Can a toilet keep solo travelers safe? But if you have ever traveled solo, you probably understand why we’ve decided to answer this in a blog post. We even bet you’d have a few odd experiences in public toilets, just like we have.

So, let’s discuss safe travel and how composting toilets can help.

Solo traveling tips and “Can a toilet keep solo travelers safe.”

These days, more women of every age and background are traveling solo in an RV, skoolie, or van, and thankfully, there are growing communities, forums, companies, and products that focus on the solo woman traveler. 

While most solo-traveling challenges are not gender-specific, the issue of personal safety invariably comes up more often in women’s discussion groups and in articles about women traveling alone.

Here are some solo travel tips that are always on every forum and community’s list:

  • Always have a charged cell phone and stay in an area with cell service. Invest in a booster if you can.
  • Travel with a dog where possible.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Carry bear spray, gun, baseball bat, airhorn, or other personal protective device of your choosing. Know how to use it/them.
  • Buy a large pair of men’s boots to leave outside by the RV door along with yours, and/or put out at least two chairs to make it seem like you are not alone.
  • Always lock your RV door. 
  • Put bells on your RV door handle so you wake up if someone rattles the door handle.
  • Let friends know where you are and check in with them regularly.
  • Always check the stalls and showers when entering a public bathroom and shower unit.

How can composting toilets, like Cuddy, make a solo traveler feel safer?

What about having a Cuddy as a boon to safety? Well, I put a composting toilet in my Airstream Argosy for overall convenience, and as it turns out, it also contributes to my safety and peace of mind. When I’m traveling, I prefer to have a toilet with me rather than seeking out public restrooms, and when I’m settled in for the night, I don’t have to leave my camper to do my business. 


Solo campers, especially when traveling in unfamiliar areas, may not only feel safer knowing they have a private and secure toilet readily available in their tiny mobile space, but they are likely to be safer.

Minimizing the risk of dealing with strangers and unsafe situations is vital to personal security and helps improve the overall experience. This is especially true at night and/or when camping in secluded areas—having a toilet in the van or RV eliminates the need to leave a safe zone and reduces exposure to other humans and even less scary things like holes or roots to trip over, unpleasant and unsafe weather, and/or an unwanted wildlife encounter. 

In case of sudden illness or emergencies, having a toilet in the van/RV provides immediate access to sanitary facilities. Taking care of urgent needs without having to leave and look for a safe and clean restroom takes away a considerable stressor, which is essential for overall well-being and helps prevent discomfort or health issues that might arise from inadequate sanitation. 

So, can a toilet keep solo travelers safe? 

In short, adding a Cuddy to the list of safety suggestions has distinctly clear merits - so yes, a toilet can keep solo travelers safe. 

Besides the obvious benefits of a portable composting toilet, having a toilet in the van or camper enhances the safety, convenience, personal security, and overall camping experience for solo campers. It provides peace of mind and allows us to enjoy our outdoor adventures with increased confidence and comfort.



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