Care and Cleaning: Before you Poo

For shipping purposes, we’ve left the fan unmounted. Don’t worry it’s quite easy just attach the fan … If you need further help, take a look at our manual here

  • Pre Clean

Just in case give Cuddy a good wipe-down to remove any dirt or debris left over from the manufacturing and shipping process… It’s your bum after all.

  • Adding Composting Agent

​You need to add a composting agent to the solids bin to keep everything happy. Now this will depend a bit on which agent you are using. We use dehydrated coco coir and depending on the size of the bricks you will want to use from ½ to a whole brick. Plop the brick into the solids bin and rehydrate it with a bit of water, it should look and feel a bit like soil.

  • Metalwork

​Cover the surface of the hinges and other metal screws and bits with a protective lubricant such as WD40 to protect them from the environment within the toilet. ​

  • You’re Good to Go where ever you want.


Care and Cleaning: Using Cuddy 

We’ve made Cuddy pretty simple to use because you’ve got other things to think about while you’re on the toilet.

  • Number 1

No stress just let it flow. It’s best for everyone if you sit to pee.

  • Toilet Paper

While you can put toilet paper in the solids bin, we do not recommend it. Toilet paper is extremely voluminous and will fill your solids bin prematurely. Just keep an extra bin for the tp to be disposed of separately. Also, consider getting a Kula cloth for those that traditionally sit to pee.

  • Number 2

No stress, Cuddy can handle the largest of loads. Just turn the knob to open the Drop Zone. When you’re done turn the knob and close the modesty plates again.

Care and Cleaning: After Using Cuddy

  • Stir it up.

Do the right thing after your poo and give the agitator a twist. Pull the telescopic handle out, rotate it to the right for a few turns and return it to its original position to be rewarded with a smile from Cuddy.

  • Clean Up

We’re sure that your aim is true, but just in case you missed or for the Monicas out there: After #1 or #2 give your Cuddy a spray with a diluted vinegar – white or apple – solution or a natural biodegradable cleaner, and a quick wipe down.

Emptying your Cuddy

  • Liquids Bottle

The Smart LED will let you know before it’s time to empty your liquids bottle. To avoid any pee parties it’s best to listen to the warning sign. Simply lift the seat base, remove the pee bottle and dispose of the liquid. This can be done down a standard toilet or if you’re off-grid treat a thirsty mature tree or dilute it for plants. 

  • Solids Bin

The agitator works as an indicator when It’s time to empty the solids bin. When it’s hard to turn the hand crank, then it’s time to change the solids bin. If you have a compost pile, you may empty it there to complete the composting process – about 6 months. If you’re out on the road you can bag it and bin it, but do be careful which bin you are putting it in. Or if done properly – 6-8 in and 200 ft away from a water source, you can dig a hole and bury it.